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Will provide the music for the evening of dancing.

The Band is best known for classic rock, oldies, and country but it looks forward to demonstrating its sophisticated ballroom repertoire.

Dancing begins at 7:00 pm and the last waltz is 10:00 pm

DRESSY ATTIRE is encouraged and is always admired, although coats and ties and cocktail dresses are not required. Please no jeans, workout wear, tee shirts, shorts or other casual attire.

Members are asked to advise all guests of the policy.

 Attendees may bring their own food

and beverages to the event


All nonresident guests must have their names on record at the entrance gate. Your driver's license and car license plate may be scanned, and you will be given an entrance pass for the evening. Please contact your member sponsor to be sure your name is on file at the gate.

Admission is $10.00 for member couples, and

$30.00 for non-member couples


The annual election of officers and board members was held at the November dance.  President, Roxanne Stallings, Vice President, Dorothy Williams, Secretary Carol Johnstone, Treasurer, Jay Francis, Assistant Treasurer, Dan Lo, Membership Chair Marshall Gordon, Publicity Chair Pat and Michael Nolan, Members-at-large bertha Wong, Tony Coe Linda Iannotta

2024 Membership Dues Are Due

2024 dues are now owing along with renewal application.

Resident dues are $50 per year

Non-Resident dues are $75 per year

Members are encouraged to pay dues at the December 16 dance or mail the check to:

Jay Francis

3478 Rossmoor Pkwy, #3

Walnut Creek 94595

Click here for 2024 Membership Renewal Application

New resident members can sign up at the front desk

at any of the dances!


ATTENDANCE: The Rossmoor Ballroom Dance Club is for dance couples that are Rossmoor residents. Club members can also sponsor non-resident guest dance couples. 

A dance couple is comprised of a leader and a follower of any gender and at any level of dancing ability.

MEMBERSHIP in the Rossmoor Ballroom Dance Club is for Rossmoor residents. Annual dues for new members are $50.00 for a couple comprised of a leader and a follower, or a single resident and a guest partner.  New members may join throughout the year. The club holds a dance with live music on the third Saturday of every month from 7-10 pm in the Event Center.

Rossmoor residents and their guests may pay at the door. 

Check out our future dances!

To request more information, please  

"Contact Us"

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