Join the Rossmoor Ballroom Dance Club!

Membership in the Rossmoor Ballroom Dance Club is for Rossmoor residents.

The club holds a dance with live music

on the third Saturday of each month at the Event Center.

Rossmoor residents and their guests are welcome to drop in and pay at the door.

Admission is $10 per dance for a member couple or $20 for a guest couple. 

Rossmoor residents can also join as a member throughout the year.

Annual dues are $50 for a couple comprised of a leader and a follower, or a single person and a guest partner.


The club holds a “Welcome Table” for newcomers. Current members help people get acquainted, answer questions, and provide information on dance events and classes in Rossmoor.
For more information, please inquire at the check-in desk at an upcoming dance or send us an email.