The below are "proof" images, and the photographer (Dennis) can make small adjustments to color, soften, remove shadows, etc. An example is below.

If you have any questions about this, please email the photographer at dctgate@comcast.net or call him at 925-784-4912


Photos are below the following text...


NOTE: if you’re going to order photos – either digital or printed: 

  • Dennis must receive your order by March 9 so he can send them out by March 12 

  • any order received after March 9 will be sent to you after APRIL 26 

  • if you’re going to mail in a check with your order form, it will be best to get it in the mail by March 2 so Dennis receives it by March 9 
    (see “Ordering" #2, below, for how to get an order form,) 

  • if you’re going to send payment by PayPal, you need to email Dennis at dctgate@comcast.net or call him at 925-784-4912 for info on how to do that 


ORDERING: To order one or more of your photos from the 2020 Winter Installation Ball: 

  1. find your photos below
    and make note of the number right after your name on the photo(s) you'd like to order 
    (e.g., #1, #2 and/or #3) 

  2. if you already have a paper order form, continue to step 3; 
    otherwise, if you’re going to mail in your order click here for the photo order form,
    print it, and 

  3. follow the instructions on the form 

NOTE 1: to get digital copies of all photos in which you appear, enter a "1" on the "digital" row, and the total price for all digital copies of photos with you in them will be $10 

NOTE 2: if, for example, you want to order print(s) of photo #2 of yourself, be sure to enter your order quantity in the second column for the desired print size and finish, total the copies for that row, and then multiply by price each to get the total price for that row. 


You can also view all photos and band videos 

The photos below are sorted by the last name of the person on the left in the photo, which in almost all cases is the guy 


Click (or double tap) on a photo to see a larger copy of the photo